Phantom Phail

Name/Location withheld to protect the not-so-innocent

  • Evisu Johnston


  • big hurt

    i like….it’s hard

  • ShaneDaddyShane

    Damn, phantom front on a monte carlo right?

  • Mr.Sancho

    Damn yo u snap bad ass …

  • Snowtorious BIG


  • raul

    i cant believe people do this to these cars and shit man that rear bumper is really disgussting man what a waste of time

  • dat rear bumper fucked da car up but take it off and dat bihh would be hard as hell

  • eric

    Phantom EPIC FAIL

  • Gucch

    This Peice Of Shitd Sucks Asss F uck THis Im With Snowtorious Wack ASs Jarel Therman Car i Cant Beliue This Peice Of Shit 2 Licene Plate Holds The Owner Should Be Arrested

  • B.RICH crazy, he got that bitch right. PROPZ