85 Buick LeSabre

Owned by 'Bay-Bay', Fort Walton Beach, FL

  • mizz mone

    Shyt I like Da car and the Rims. Shyt don’t let me forget the interior. I wonder how much do you wana sell it for? Cuz shyt i really want that car. I also want to ask you if you can come to Cordele Ga to show off your car on 4th of july? I mean if you want to you can call and we can talk about you coming to Cordele to show your car swagga off!!! Ya digggg da numba 229-273-4053

  • turbo

    what event are you talking about in GA, This car should be coming to GA car shows sometime in the future.

  • jay

    whats up i trying to find aftermarket parts for my 85 lasabre do u have any web site to help

  • Evisu Johnston

    Jay, I doubt there are ANY aftermarket parts for a 85 Lesabre homie..

  • jay

    where did u find new replacement parts for it at

  • brad

    How was the grille modified to look like that?
    ive seen this b4 on other buicks and several chevy’s and cadillac’s