1971 Caprice

Owned by "Lucky" of Miami, FL

  • that shit is hot but i didn’t no chey made a 71 caprice conventable i no chevy makes a 71 impala conventable but still that shit is funky.

    • Dejuan Green

      That junk is wack man you could have did something better than that look at all the other donk cars compared to yours theirs make yours look like garbage.

      • Nakeil McCloud

        …and how old are you??? U MUST be young to even think this is wack!! THIS is how to do a chevy! No BIG ass rims and dumb ass logos sponsorship!! This is what we cal back home “Classy”!! ..Grow up cheif! lol smdh

    • bra that shit aint nothin ill blow that shit off the mutha fuckin map wit my 72 442 cutlass drop top sittin on dem 4s offset stupid candy blew

  • 96 broham

    hot chevy i like that. its sittin down on the wheels just right no fender gap

  • Quenton Temoney

    One of the baddest donks i’ve seen in a good while… Saw a couple vids of it on youtube, it used to be a mean lookin green but homie just switched it up on them boys… Now THATS Rides mag material right there..


  • Big Nigga

    For Dejuan Greens’comment,Dog ur a fuckin’ hater the shit is tight.You knw what ,I was told you can always tell a dummy,but u can’t tell him shit.Just give it up clown!

  • angel

    What size Asanti rims on front & what size on the rear .

  • That 71 Caprice is awesome. I like the candy paint.

  • sounddesires

    that shit go hard…

  • stingy954

    26″asanti’s all the around candy paint digital dash and a big block motor looking good see ya’ll @ the next carshow and to all the haters stop hating and put some shit together thats better looking….

  • chris

    I seen this chevy a few time’s in person i dont give a fuck what dat nigga dejuan greens got 2 say he just fuckin hatein . you did your shit right it one of the hardest chevys ive seen in a min ya green chevy was clean 2 but this one killin . i just wana ask u where u got it spryed ? i stay in palm bch if u could get me the number 2 the paint shop i got a 75 vert i wana get sprayed

  • Hos the BASS on this beast? Everything must shake in the car…….VIBES!!!!!!

  • Is it for sale