Atlanta Exotic Car Owner Campaigns For 2017 Ford GT

Purchasing the 2017 Ford GT certainly will not be easy!


Photos: Ford / Instagram

As reported earlier this year, the all-new, 600-horsepower 2017 Ford GT is coming soon. If it’s anything like the previous generation, the new Ford GT will not only perform well but retain its value so it’s no surprise every millionaire in the car game is clamoring to get their hands on one. However, Ford isn’t exactly rolling their new supercars off the delivery trucks and unloading them as they do Mustangs. Ford’s ordering process for the GT is stringent and comprehensive – similar to that of Ferrari’s. Via Ford’s website, the following criteria caught our eye:

– Each applicant will also be required to answer one or more questions concerning the applicant and his or her relationship to Ford, if any, and other questions intended to provide Ford with information about the applicant and his or her interest in the GT and experiences as a car owner.

– Selected Applicants will be determined by Ford (in its sole discretion), based on Ford’s evaluation of the information provided by the applicants through the Program and Ford’s determination of the applicants that are best suited to enjoy the GT, taking into account, among other things, each applicant’s interest in Ford cars and the GT and in collectible cars generally, each applicant’s relationship with Ford (if any) and each applicant’s involvement in the motorsports community (if any).

– Such review and determination will be made by a panel of Ford executives (and/or such other representatives and agents designated by Ford) in the United States and/or by executives of Ford’s affiliated companies (and/or such other representatives and agents designated by Ford) in other Participating Territories (as applicable). The selection of the Selected Applicants, and all other determinations in connection with the Program, will be made by Ford in its sole discretion based on both objective and subjective factors. The number of Selected Applicants will be determined by Ford in its sole discretion.

– The application process also may permit (but will not require) applicants to submit or provide links to videos that demonstrate why the applicant would be a desirable GT owner, among other things.

Needless to say, there are certain automotive enthusiasts who could possibly get first dibs such as Andy Frisella who currently owns two GTs and of course, someone like Jay Leno. For others, an all-out campaign is the only avenue. Atlanta exotic automotive enthusiast, @atiquester, whose car collection rivals those of oil tycoons has taken to social media and the streets, vying to become the city’s first 2017 Ford GT owner. At the most recent Caffeine & Exotics event in which we attended, Atique got the community involved in his push for Ford’s latest supercar taking pictures and signing posters. Ford has already received 7,000 applications for the planned 500 car run, which is 1300% more applications than cars available so it certainly won’t be easy to get on the list. Will Atique’s campaign be enough to get Ford’s attention? Stay tuned!

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