First Set Of 34-inch Wheels Mounted!

WTW Customs and Asanti got this H2 hooked up on the first set of 34s.

12 Responses to “First Set Of 34-inch Wheels Mounted!”

  1. Thomas Elliott

    Anyone else out there in cyber land see how bad, ugly, crappy looking these wheels are? Remember the Conestoga wagons? That’s what these make it look like. I see broken-down brother cars on the side of the road all the time with 22 inch wheels on them. Always makes me think, “they should have put that money into the running gear instead of those stupid wheels and expensive tires”. Even funnier, sports car wheels on a Lincoln Town Car. These people are a never-ending source of laughter.

    • L.Cameron

      Its your opinion and like assholes most of America has one. But what I don’t get is the joke you think you are telling to a beyond racially divided audience. African Americans are not the only race who enjoy the after-market wheel many people do. I mean wtf is “broken-down brother cars”? And the bigger question who the hell are you to judge?

      • Thomas

        You know exactly what he’s talking about, and you know deep down he’s right. He’s talking about things like donk lifts. You know who drives them and You probably know they look retarded. And you know they’re a terrible, ill-advised investment. Stop playing dumb.

  2. curly4

    Are these airless wheels/tires legal in all the states? Until they are I don’t think that I would want to invest in them.

  3. Bruce

    No suspension travel and they had to remove a chunk of the front fender/bumper to be able to turn at all. What a joke.


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