Active Grille System For The C7 Corvette From Forgiato

If you have a C7, this may the grille for you!

(Press Release) 
The active grille system for the 2014-2015 Corvette Stingray is a new aerodynamic drag reduction automotive grille designed for the C7 Corvette. The patent  pending design was developed by Forgiato Wheels. The function of the Active Grille System is to divert airflow away from the engine compartment, forcing it to travel around the hood and fenders. This results in a less restrictive path, reducing vehicle lift and aerodynamic drag. Diverting air around the vehicle has shown to improve fuel efficiency. The active grille software uses throttle position to determine the amount of air flow through the grille.  The active grille system is unique in this product market segment due to its function and appearance transforming design. It changes from an aggressive looking cosmetic grille into an aerodynamic improvement device. Our patent pending electronic control unit performs the operation of the  grille function automatically.
There are 3 modes of operation:
1. Active Mode – Uses throttle position to determine the amount of air flow
through the grille.
2. Demo Mode – To demonstrate the grille operation while the car is
parked, the grille cycles through its automated functions.
3. Off – Off mode will keep the grille blades open at all times.
Retail Price: $3750

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