Blowing Up Cars To Make Them Art

These are not computer illustrations you're looking at, they're photographed car models that trick your brain.

Fabian Oefner has an attention to detail that might make you think twice about how anal you are when it comes to your hobbies. The¬†Disintegrating¬†series is a collection of old sports car models made to look like they’re exploding, when in reality it’s a combination of hundreds to thousands of images pieced together manually in the computer, creating the illusion of the car’s demise. Before Fabian takes one photograph, he sketches the final image so he has a basis for how to go about photographing each painstaking piece. After the sketch, he photographs each piece in the correct perspective for the final image and then puts them together in Photoshop that usually takes three weeks to complete from sketch to final image.

Mind: blown.

Source: Hypebeast

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