Sotheby’s and RM Auctions Art of the Automobile NYC Gallery

A quick walkthrough of some of the cars at the Art of the Automobile auction in NYC we found worthy of our millions, and possibly yours.

Art of the Automobile represents a significant collection of the high-water marks of design from each era of motoring,” and also some of the most expensive cars we’ve ever laid our eyes on. Tomorrow, November 21st in NYC at the Sotheby’s auction house, RM Auctions will start auctioning off a plethora of automotive beauties to collectors with more money then we’d know what to do with. Some of the cars range from a 1941 Cadillac Custom limousine thought to get between $500,000-$800,000 to a 1964 Ferrari 250 LM which could bring in $12,000,000-$15,000,000. Yes, that’s 12 to 15 million dollars.

Check out our gallery of some of the highlights of our time at the auction preview. Also, here is Sotheby’s auction guide which can help navigate you through some of the works of art you see here. And, if you’re in NYC, the gallery is open to the public until 5pm today at Sotheby’s New York, 1334 York Avenue, New York, New York, 10021.

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