Batman Tumbler iPhone Case

Get out your Batman utility belt to store this iPhone case, cause being a night crusader requires fresh gear.

What we have here is a crazy iPhone case (no idea what model it will work with—though if we had to guess it’d be the 5—since the site is very vague and in Japanese) that resembles the Tumbler from Batman’s latest movies and will house your iPhone in what seems like battle armor. Bandai, the Japanese toy maker, is selling the case starting tomorrow at around $60 so if you’re brave enough to try and navigate the Japanese site and place your order (a little tip: Google Translate goes a long way), you’ll have the most unique case on the block. It also looks like the case comes with the ‘Bat-Symbol’ as a light up option upon a button push. Just like Batman, this case has tricks.

P.S.: RIDES made a Batmobile back in the day you can see here.

Buy here from Bandai.


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