$7.5 Million Dollar Gold Lamborghini Aventador

Though this is a scale model Lamborghini, the price tag is going to be life size.

Looking for something shiny and expensive this holiday season? Look no further then this 1/8 scale Lamborghini Aventador that is likely to take in $7.5 million dollars when it is auctioned off later on this year. The one-off gold, diamond and platinum encrusted model is made by ex-Mercedes mechanical engineer Robert G├╝lpen who now focuses on really really expensive model cars. This Lambo contains at least $2.7 million in precious metals and stones and is expected to get $7.5 million (most likely by a sheik) in pre-auctions, though there’s rumors it could go for twice that.

The wheels are cast from solid gold and platinum and the whole car is milled out of a 500 kilogram (1,102 pound) solid block of gold and the seats contain 700 diamonds. Goldmember eat your heart out. The whole car is an example of extreme excess and flaunt it if you got it attitude.

Ball. So. Hard.


Source: MSN Autos

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