Rolls-Royce Ghawwass Phantom Coupe Is One Middle Easterner’s Dream Roller

Your mileage may vary, as they say.

Drop enough money at any of the world’s major super-luxury or supercar companies, and they’ll pretty much build you a one-off custom car however you want. In the case of this particular Phantom, a Middle Eastern gentleman (we’re pretty sure it was a dude) backed up his truck full of cash and asked for a Roller that celebrated, and we quote, “the traditional method of collecting pearls from the Bahrain pearl banks.” We doubt this dude does much pearl diving, but it’s his money.

And if you like blue/green paint, you’ll probably dig the Ghawwass Phantom Coupe. Turchese paint coats the car’s exterior, with leather that both matches the paint in some parts and contrasts with tan cowskin in others. Pearl veneer honors the pearl divers’ targets, while a sailing boat motif stretches through the chrome, the headrests, and the coachliner. Not how we’d spend our cash, but we respect the game. [Shout-out to Rolls-Royce on Facebook!]

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