Rage-Filled Lincoln Driver Draws Gun On Other Driver And Fires!

We'll take "overreactions on the road" for $500, Alex.

51-year-old Perrin Dobyns must seriously dislike it when somebody gives him a hard time. How else could you explain why, when a fellow driver tried to catch him in the act of reckless driving with his phone camera, Dobyns drew a pistol and—apparently—opened fire through his passenger window?

According to the YouTube poster who recorded the video, davidkllr1629, Dobyns was driving maniacally in his Lincoln LS, nearly causing a multi-car accident while driving down a Kentucky freeway. When davidkllr1629 tried to pull up in front of the Lincoln to catch the license plate on camera, Dobyns drew a pistol and aimed it at him through the window. It’s hard to tell from the video whether or not Dobyns actually fired (since the driver who was filming, unsurprisingly, slammed on the brakes as soon as he saw the gun), but it sure sounds like a gunshot at 0:26…

Luckily, Dobyns was arrested at the Indiana prison where he works (ha!), and is now awaiting trial in Kentucky.

[Shout-out to Jalopnik!]

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