Motor Press Guild Track Day 2013

The one day in the year that we get to have way too much fun

Being in the automotive industry has its perks especially as we get to test drive pretty cool cars.   Once in a while we get to have a bit more fun.  Every year the Motor Press Guild invites all automotive manufacturers to allow members of the press to test drive their vehicles in a racetrack environment.  Almost every make brings some of their best models to be tested and this year it took place in the world famous Willow Springs International Raceway which is also known as “The Fastest Road in the West.”  Although you are restricted by rules and a controlled environment, it is a safe way to put cars through their paces without worrying about cops or the occasional spin out.  For those few that were not all that comfortable at high speeds, MPG members had access to ride shotgun with a professional driver or could get pointers from driving instructors.  From the Chevrolet Stingray to the Focus ST, there were plenty of opportunities to drive the whole spectrum and best of all compare them one after the other.  For those that wanted to test drive cars in a more real world environment, there was the opportunity to take some of the vehicles on the streets surrounding the track as well as SUVs had trails set for off-road driving.   In any case, taking a car on a racetrack under any circumstances is quite a treat and we’ll be back next year to do it all over again.

[Shout-out to Motor Press Guild]

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