Mario Williams Donated A Dodge Challenger SRT8 To The Texas Highway Patrol

One of the freshest cop cars we've seen in a while, no doubt.

Whatever you think about the 5-0, you gotta admit, there’s something dope about a cop car. In a way, they’re not so different from a lot of the cars you see in RIDES: SUVs, sedans, trucks and muscle cars painted with unique looks and outfitted with aftermarket accessories to make them faster, louder, tougher and more impressive. But every now and again, the worlds of cop cars and RIDES really collide—like when custom-car aficionado and NFL defensive end Mario Williams donated his modified Dodge Challenger SRT8 392 to the Texas Highway patrol.

The Texas De[artment of Public Safety’s new ride is equipped with an AFE Power intake, among other performance-minded upgrades—though with 470 horsepower bone stock and a six-speed stick, it’s not like the Challenger 392 needs much of a boost in order to catch even hardcore speeders. For cop car duty, it’s outfitted with a subtle light bar up top and a fresh black-and-white paint job. Hey, if you gotta get pulled over for speeding, it’s hard to pick a better cop car to get pulled over by than Mario Williams’s Hemi-powered Chally. [Shout-out to Jalopnik and Second Service Vehicles!]

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