Land Rover Set To Reveal Long-Wheelbase Range Rover

Call it the mogul's choice.

These days, more and more of the rich and famous are being chauffeured about not in S-Classes or 7 Series, but in Range Rovers. The latest-generation Range is just as luxurious as the biggest Benzes or Bimmers, but comes with a taller ride height and go-anywhere ability. The world’s movers and shakers need to be able to move and shake all the time, not just when the roads are clear. Knwoing this, Land Rover is set to introduce a new model just for those who prefer to be driven than to drive—the new long-wheelbase Range Rover.

The LWB Range Rover’s wheelbase has been stretched to deliver five and a half more inches of rear seat legroom. Opt for the Gulfstream-style Executive Class seats in back, and each rear passenger can recline up to 17 degrees. A panoramic sunroof and rear seat window shades come standard on long-wheelbase Ranges, too. If you can’t tell the long Range Rover from the regular-size Range, just look for the “L” behind the front wheel arches; that’s your tip-off that you’re looking at a long one.

Range Rover is also rolling out a new top-of-the-line trim level for their flagship, called the Autobiography Black trim. Created at the hands of Jaguar Land Rover’s custom-car division, Engineered To Order, the Autobiography Black comes with unique 21-inch and 22-inch wheels, a unique design finish on the grille and vents, unique rear lights and new auxiliary vents up front outside; inside, it’s equipped with a redesigned rear center console with electrically-operated tables and a tiny “chilling compartment,” configurable LED interior lighting, and of course, all leather everything.

A Range Rover Autobiography (the former top trim level) starts at $136K, so figure the Autobiography Black will cost around $150,000 at least. Spec it out as a long-wheelbase version, you’re looking at probably $180K—but you’ll have people thinking you make gold records for a living. Look for both to go on sale in March 2014. [Shout-out to Land Rover!]

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