Chrysler Cutting SRT Viper Production By One-Third

We hope that's not a bad sign for one of our favorites...

We dig the SRT Viper—it’s one of the last of the old-school American muscle machines. Sadly, it doesn’t seem like enough other people out there share our view, as Chrysler is cutting Viper production by one-third to cope with slow sales.

Up ’til now, the Conner Avenue Assembly plant in Detroit where the SRT Viper is assembled has been cranking out nine Vipers per workday; under the new plan, they’ll only make six. (Luckily, no one will be fired; the additional workers will just be reassigned to another plant.) SRT CEO and generally cool dude Ralph Gilles had said in the past that SRT would make no more than 2,000 Vipers per year, but sadly, it seems even that was overoptimistic. Only 426 Vipers have been sold since February in the United States; more strangely, dealers have 565 unsold units in stock. That works out to a 289-day supply of cars on hand. Most car companies and dealerships prefer to keep that number around 60 days.

However, Viper sales were expected to take a tumble around this time of year; once the weather turns cold, the number of people looking to buy lightweight 640 horsepower sports cars with unforgiving reputations tends to drop. We’re pretty confident Viper sales will pop back up next spring—but if you’re thinking about picking one up, hey, we bet you could get a dealership to cut you a nice deal on one these days. [Shout-out to Automotive News!]

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