2013 Range Rover Onyx Concept

With an added 115 horsepower this Rover won't wanna stay in its cage.

Onyx Concept copped a 2013 Range Rover and revamped it from the inside out. Reworking the engine Onyx was able to get 115 more horsepower out of the stock motor. The carbon fiber kit widens the wheel base by 27mm and lowers it by 25mm giving it a mean look while also helping its performance. Scheduled to debut at SEMA next week it shouldn’t be long after before the kits hit the street.

[Shout-out to WorldCarFans!]

  • Demon

    Car looks realy great in my opinion!!!! Realy cool…

  • Josh

    Looks like that when noting can be done, Onyx always come with something realy distint that for some are realy dificult to understand. Just love it.