Weed Wheels

No officer, you do not have probable cause to search this vehicle.


Photos: HotCarsTV

Words: Evan ‘Evo’ Yates

As custom car owners, one of the necessary evils we’ve been accustomed to is harassment from the cops for our vehicle’s modifications. Whether it’s our tint too dark, ride height too low/high or wheels too big our rides seem as if they have a bright neon sign inviting an unsolicited traffic stop. At the same time, we also understand it’s part of the game. Without these modifications we’d be just like the rest of the common Camry commuters mindlessly traveling from point A to point B. If you don’t occasionally check out your car’s reflection in store windows or do the infamous walk away/look back move then your car is simply too boring.

That being said, there are certain themes you should probably shy away from when customizing your vehicle and we’re thinking ganja may be one of those themes. Charger owner, Mr. 28 Grams (really?) pulled up to the Southern Heritage Classic Car Show in Memphis last weekend and our boys at HotCarsTV caught the rolling kush mobile flaunting all of its herbal essence. Not that we’re hating, Yo Gotti has his cars all-white for a reason and we can respect that, we’re just thinking be a little more subtle next time?

Check the video below from HotCarsTV and put one in the air if you feel the need!

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