Worst Lexus Ever? YES.

We obviously love big wheels, but this GS from Japan simply missed the mark.

Photos: Nextworks

Words: Evan ‘Evo’ Yates

Forgiato Fest Japan recently wrapped up and although we’ve heard plenty of great things about the show (pics coming soon!), this Lexus GS 430 on 32-inch wheels was clearly the low point. Japan has certainly adopted our custom car culture quite well, even making certain improvements in regards to techniques and applications. In fact, we have so much respect for their automotive progress we not only made a trip to Japan but also dedicated an entire issue of our magazine to their whip game!

Unfortunately, this particular GS 430 represents everything that is wrong with the big rim game – at home and abroad. There’s a fine line between pushing the limits and blind customization and this GS fits the latter. To the shop’s credit, this ludicrous Lexus is probably built as well as it could be – but that’s the problem. There just simply isn’t a proper procedure to fit 32s on a mid-sized Japanese luxury car, hence the horrendous result.  Wanna impress us? Bag and tuck it on 28s or 30s instead of lifting and poking on 32s.


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