Chevrolet, GMC And Ford Reveal New & Updated Heavy Duty Pickup Trucks At Texas State Fair

Big trucks for a big state.

Big trucks are big business down in Texas—and just like hot dogs, sodas, coffees and handguns, the bigger, the better. So it’s not all that shocking that Chevrolet, GMC and Ford alike unveiled new or updated heavy-duty pickuptrucks at the Texas State Fair. You’re welcome, America.

Chevrolet and GMC had the bigger news, with the all-new 2015 model year versions of the Silverado HD and Sierra HD. They’re stronger than ever, with max payload rating jacked up to 7,347 pounds and maximum towing capacity now up to 19,600 pounds—that’s 9.8 tons, if you don’t happen to have a calculator handy. Available, as usual, in 2500HD and 3500HD levels, the new Silverado and Sierra HD come with a host of standar features designed to help tow and haul heavy loads, such a rear bumper step, StabiliTrak with Trailer Sway Control, and Integrated cruise control, auto grade braking and diesel exhaust braking on Duramax diesel-powered trucks. They also look pretty damn badass—especially the extra-luxurious Sierra Denali HD.

Not to be left behind, Ford also revealed an updated version of their Super Duty F-Series pickups at the Texas State Fair. On the mechanical side of things, the big news is an increase in power for the 6.7 liter PowerStroke V8 turbodiesel; it’s currently rated at 400 horsepower and 800 lb-ft of torque, but apparently that’s not enough. Ford didn’t say how much more power they’d be adding, but figure at least 5-10 percent on top of that. The F-450 (aka extra-extra-extra strength F-Series) is also being beefed up for greater payload and towing ability, while F-Series Super Duty pickup trucks of the King Ranch trim level receive subtle updates—lighter-colored leather inside, slight changes in trim colors and patterns, and a sprinkling of “Running W’s” (the brand of the actual King Ranch, which is a real place in Texas) throughout the truck. Man, we can’t wait to lay our hands on these new heavy-duty haulers… [Shout-out to Ford and General Motors!]

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