Bugatti Veyron Replacement May Mean No Bugatti Galibier

This world's only big enough for one new Bugatti at a time.

Remember the Bugatti Galibier—the 1000-plus horsepower super-sedan that’s been kicked around as a new production car for Bugatti for some time now? Well, it seems like we won’t be seeing a real version after all. And the blame lies with the Bugatti Veyron’s successor.

Also, you could say the blame lies with new Bugatti CEO Wolfgang Schreiber, who told Motor Trend that there’s just not enough room for both the Veyron’s supercar successor and a million-dollar super-sedan in the Bugatti lineup. Maybe it’s because Bugatti just doesn’t have the production capacity to spit out two models at once; maybe it’s just because the market for million-dollar-plus cars isn’t really all that big. (It has taken Bugatti the better part of a decade to sell the 390 Veyrons they’ve moved so far.) Either way, while we’d rather see another insane Bugatti sports car than an insane Bugatti luxury sedan, we’d rather have both. [Shout-out to Motor Trend!]

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