The World’s First 34-Inch 3-Piece Wheel

Asanti built a wheel that we've all wondered about. Here is the brand spankin' new 34-inch AF184 Biscayne.

rides asanti world's first 34-inch 3-piece wheel af184 biscayne

Well, it’s finally here, the 34-inch Biscayne rims. Your thoughts?

[Shout-out to Asanti Wheels!]

One Response to “The World’s First 34-Inch 3-Piece Wheel”

  1. L. Brandeis

    With wheels this immense, it will be a necessity to cut fenders accordingly in order for them to fit, dropping the vehicle’s value even more without considering the normal instance of depreciation. The question of which tire manufacturers will incorporate this size wheel looms as well. If sale is limited to a single tire company, there will be no incentive for them to price the product competitively so the purchasing price will be substantial for what they will deem a “specialty” item. It goes without saying that people willing to overcome the hurdles to purchase, install and utilize wheels this size are willing to overlook the disadvantages their vehicle’s performance will incur (braking, acceleration, miles-per-gallon, handling, ride quality, etc). In the long run though – in summation – this is an investment with a small window of benefit. You’ll be the sh*t (to a relatively small segment of the population) for a short period of time until a new design of wheel or a larger size becomes available.


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