Ram 1500 Rumble Bee Concept Is A Street Truck With Serious Sting

Wait 'til you hear the buzz on this truck.

All right, all right, we’ll ease off on the bee puns—but seriously, the new Ram 1500 Rumble Bee Concept has us seriously excited. Between it and the new Ford F-150 Tremor, it seems like we may be on the verge of a street truck renaissance.

Revealed at this year’s Woodward Dream Cruise in Michigan, the Ram 1500 Rumble Bee Concept starts with your basic Ram platform—a rear-wheel-drive, short-bed, regular cab pickup body—and plugs in a 395 horsepower 5.7 liter Hemi V8 and an eight-speed automatic to give it some serious grunt, then adds on a Mopar cold-air intake and a 4.10 gear set for more go. Then come the aftermarket-style changes. Gloss black 24-inch Vellano VRH wheels and a two-inch drop via a King Suspension improve both stance and handling. Matte “Drone Yellow” paint coats almost the whole truck, including the Mopar ground effects kit; the only exceptions are the gloss black grille, hood vents, fuel door, tailpipes and badging, and the black “Speed Bee” design on the sides.

Inside, Ram took the Ram 1500 R/T interior and gave it the Rumble Bee treatment, adding black and yellow sport-mesh seats, and a plentiful helping of Rumble Bee and Ram logos. The rotary shifter dial lights up to reveal a honeycomb pattern—and even has an amber-encased bee located in its center, in true Jurassic Park fashion. A pair of buttons below the shifter control the exhaust cutouts on the cat-back exhaust, one to make it loud—and one to make it even louder.

As of now, Ram hasn’t announced any plans to make the Ram 1500 Rumble Bee a production truck. But there’s no feature on this rig that’s outlandish enough to make production impossible—in fact, for something called a concept, it’s extremely realistic. We’re hoping Ram decides to build it—because we’d rock the hell out of this Rumble Bee. [Shout-out to Ram!]

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