Wanna Rent A Lamborghini? Hertz Has Got You Covered

Rental car giant kicks off a dream car rental program.

One of the reasons exotic sports cars are so desirable is that, like Kim Kardashian’s pants, they’re so hard to get into. Unless you have a lot of cash. (Again, like Kim Kardashian’s pants.) But if you can make do with just a little taste of exotica every now and again instead of owning it outright, Hertz can hook you up, thanks to their new Dream Cars rental program.

Now, there are more than a few exotic car rental agencies out there, but they tend to be small-scale local operations. Hertz, though…well, everybody knows Hertz. And their size and budget mean they can offer a lot more cars in a lot more locations that most companies willing to loan you the keys to a Ferrari or Lamborghini for a day or two.

Renting an exotic from Hertz comes with more than the keys, though. When you drop a thousand bucks (or more) per day on a rental car, they treat you right: Dream Car renters are met by a Hertz representative at the airport who gives the renter a personalized rundown of the car’s features, and are guaranteed a car in spotless condition—no worries about baby puke stains on the seats.

For the moment, Hertz Dream Cars are limited to the greater Miami area, but they plan on expanding to 34 other markets—including Los Angeles, Las Vegas, NYC and, inexplicably, Oakland—very soon. As for how much it’ll run ya, expect pricing to start around $350 a day for something like a Porsche Panamera and work its way up to $1,500 a day or more for a Lamborghini Gallardo, Ferraro F30 or Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG. (And ya gotta pay extra for every mile past 75.) Check out the full list of dream cars Hertz will offer in the gallery above, ranked by RIDES from dopest to nopest. [Shoutout to Hertz, Yahoo and Edmunds!]

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