BMW 550i S3 By Dinan Engineering

Dinan releases tuned sport sedan that delivers the performance of a thoroughbred sports car with the refinement and ride of an opulent daily driver.

Dinan S3-550i

Product and Performance


  • Stage 6 Performance Engine Software with Boost Upgrade            
  • Twin-Turbo Upgrade                                                                      
  • Free Flow Exhaust (Rear Mufflers)                                       
  • High Performance Air-to-Water Intercooler                                  
  • Carbon Fiber High Flow Air Intake/Strut brace                              

Maximum Horsepower: 542 @ 6500 rpm                 

Maximum Torque: 587 lb-ft @ 3500 rpm


  • Performance Suspension System                                                     
  • Shockware                                                                                        
  • Low Compliance Rear Control Arms                                                          
  • Front Camber Arms                                                                        


  • Dinan Aluminum Pedal Pad Set                                                      
  • Dinan Deck Lid Badge                                                                                 
  • Dinan S3 Serial Numbered Plaque                                                  


Wheels/Tire & Brakes

  • Front Wheel: HRE 20 x 9”
    Rear Wheel: HRE  20 x 10”                                                             
  • Front Tire: 275/35-20 Michelin Super Sport                                     
  • Rear Tire: 295/35-20 Michelin Super Sport                          
  • Dinan by Brembo Brakes                                                                 


  • Limited Slip Differential                                                                  


  • BMW Performance Carbon Fiber Spoiler                                       
  • BMW Performance Black Grille                                                                      
  • BMW Front Carbon Splitter                                                           
  • BMW Carbon Mirror Caps                                                              
  • Bavsound  Stage 1 Audio Upgrade                                                   


Matching New Car Warranty coverage up to 4 years/50K miles.

[Shout-Out to Kahn Media and Dinan Performance]

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