Bentley Gives Their SUV The Green Light!

New rig will go on sale in 2016.

It’s not every day we can announce Bentley is bringing out a new model—but lucky for us, today is one of those days. Bentley let the world know this morning that, after careful consideration, they will in fact be building an SUV come 2016.

We’re expecting the new SUV to be inspired by, but not a carbon copy of, the EXP 9 F SUV concept you see in the second and third images of the photo gallery above. The EXP 9 F reportedly wasn’t received as warmly by many of Bentley’s usual buyers as it was by us; they weren’t too keen on the super-blocky, over-the-top styling. So expect the production version to be toned down quite a bit from the concept car. (Then again, that’s what usually happens.)

Production of the SUV will reportedly create 1,000 jobs in the United Kingdom, where it’ll be built alongside the rest of Bentley’s models in Crewe, England. However, odds are good that none of those workers will be able to afford one—like all Bentleys, we expect the SUV will carry a price tag well north of $150,000. As for power—the safest bet is the 4.0 liter twin-turbo V8 front the Continental GT, but don’t be shocked to see a twelve-cylinder version—or a hybrid. So long as it rides smooth and moves quick, we’ll take it. [Shout-out to Bentley!]

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