The Game’s 1996 Chevrolet Impala

Rapper The Game is giving away his Bubble Chevy on Oasis IROC wheels, and it's hot.

The Game is giving this car up to one really lucky person, but the requisites are pretty lengthy… and unusual, to say the least. But we agree that if you win, it’s worth the trouble.

The interior of this Bubble was redone by Joe at California Upholstery with black leather, Alcantara and red stitching. The exterior upgrades were all done at JC Customz of Bellflower, CA. If you want to have a shot at winning this Bubble, here’s what The Game wants you to do (straight from his Instagram);

Ok, so this contest is kind of challenging but what I’m asking of you is flea nuts to a polar bear in comparison to the car I’m giving away…. So here it is….. You 1st have to FOLLOW ALL 6 people who made this contest possible @leauxsteez & @thatschickenshit @flywhipsonly @iam_isaac @khriz_JC & @californiaupholstery NOW (if you unfollow anyone before contest ends, you automatically disqualify yourself) !!! 2nd, you have to send an email to & write “Say Goodbye Rich” in the email along with your Instagram tag. 3rd (here’s where it get’s tricky) you have to send a second email with both my grandmothers FULL maiden names included !!! Where you can acquire this information from ??? Only me & God knows ha ha ha….. Sidenote: if you are my family or friend & you text my phone with “Chuck, lemme be the winner of the Impala” I’m deleting your # ha ha ha… (7 people already fell victim to this). Ok, now that that’s out the way… let the game’s begin !!!! FOLLOW @leauxsteez @flywhipsonly @thatschickenshit @khriz_jc @iam_isaac & @californiaupholstery NOW !!!!!!!!!!!! If you do not do ALL of the above mentioned correctly you will not be entered to win ! WINNER will be announced July 4th 2013. GOODLUCK!

By the way, the June 2013 issue of RIDES Mag has full feature highlighting The Game’s entire fleet, starting on page 52. And we also showcase everything California Upholstery does at the shop, so cop the issue while it’s still on stands and turn to page 108 for that. (See image of cover below)

rides magazine june 2013 cover cutlass challenger

[Shout-out to The Game!]

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