Bugatti Planning An $8 Million Super Veyron!

What are they gonna call it, the Bug of Steel?

bugatti super veyron

Perhaps no car over the last few years has better symbolized the baller lifestyle than the Bugatti Veyron. With a top speed north of 250 mph and a price tag that starts above $1 million, rollin’ up in a Veyron is indisputable proof that you’ve arrived. Of course, not all Veyrons are created equal; between the targa-topped Grand Sport, the more powerful Super Sport and the small fleet of limited-run and one-off Veyrons Bugatti has built, it’s likely that every single Bug is unique in its own way. (And in price, too; some of those versions can top out close to $3 million.)

But no Bug you’ve ever seen will match the Super Veyron Bugatti supposedly has planned. We mentioned late last year that Bugatti was planning a 1,600 horsepower version of the car for a late 2013 debut; now we hear that this superheroic car could cost around 5 million euros. Which works out to almost $8 million. Daaaaaaaamn.

So what will buyers get for that enormous wad of green? Well, the previously mentioned 1,600 horsepower quad-turbocharged 8.0 liter W16 engine, for one. They’ll also get a car that, thanks to extensive use of carbon fiber, could weigh as much as 450 pounds less than the regular Veyron. More power + less weight = faster car, so if both those reports are true, don’t be shocked to see the Super Veyron do the 0-60 in two seconds flat and top out around 290 mph. Of course, good luck finding somewhere to hit 290…[Shout-out to Top Speed!]

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