Vilner Whips Up A Mercedes-Benz SL-Class With One Wild (Yet Oddly Classy) Interior

We're not sure if we hate it...or want it.

We at RIDES are accepting of all kinds of modifications to a car, be they extreme, subtle, or anywhere inbetween. But like anyone else, we likes what we likes, and we don’t what we don’t. That said…we honestly don’t know if we like this Vilner-modded Mercedes-Benz SL-Class or not.

For this Mercedes-Benz, Vilner used a broad swath of different materials. Nappa leather, crocodile leather, and brown Alacntara have all been stretched across the interior in various places; the wood trim has been upgraded and, in several cases, repainted by hand along with some of the metal trim. We look at it, and we look at it, and well…we’re just not sure if we like it or not. What do you think? [via Autoblog]

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