RIDES Madness Results: The Hottest Car Of The Streets Has Been Chosen!

Well, don't you wanna know what it is?


The contest has ended, the votes have been tallied—the RIDES readers have spoken, and the winner of RIDES Madness—and, according to you, the king of the streets—is Jonathan Ivy’s Sandman-built 1970 Chevrolet Chevelle!

The final round of voting, pitting the Chevelle against the red T-Top new-school Chevy Camaro, was a solid win for the gray old-school; it took home 67 percent of the vote, while the Camaro wound up with only 33 percent.

We’ll have a breakdown of the results tomorrow, highlighting some of the more interesting match-ups and giving you the scoop on which competitions were blowouts and which were nail-biters. So check back tomorrow for more!

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