RIDES Will Be At ForgiatoFest!

Debuting the latest edition of Donk, Box & Bubble!

forgiatofest donk box and bubble 2013 t shirt featured

Although we cover car shows across the country (and sometimes internationally), we don’t always get the opportunity to set up a booth and rep RIDES on-site. For ForgiatoFest in Miami Beach though, you can count on us being there reppin’ hard. So keep an eye out for us and swing through our booth to see what’s good. Metro Wrapz and Forgiato will be giving away a free vehicle wrap and a free set of rims and we heard there may be another exclusive giveaway but you’ll have to stay tuned for that!


And just to give ya’ll all the more reason to roll through, we’ll be dropping the all-new Volume 8 of Donk, Box & Bubble magazine, and it’s hot. We show you all of the newest and best from the East Coast to the West Coast with the dopest photography and complete list of specs for every whip. Grab a copy if you want to see some of the best Donks, Boxes and Bubbles in the world. Forgiato Fest will be on the ONLY place you can get your copy of the latest Donk, Box & Bubble early!


And if all that weren’t enough, we’re so excited about the 8th issue of DBB that we’re also offering special edition Donk, Box & Bubble t-shirts – but, we have a limited supply, so be sure to scoop one up at the RIDES booth at ForgiatoFest!

forgiatofest donk box and bubble 2013 t shirt featured

So just to make things totally clear, the new issue of Donk, Box & Bubble isn’t even out yet, but we’ll have exclusive issues at ForgiatoFest along with limited edition T-shirts! Tell your friends and spread the word. Be there.

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