Lamborghini Aventador Is Dubai’s Latest Cop Car

Every cop in America is now mad jelly.

Dubai is pretty well known as a land of insane luxury, with more supercars roaming its roads than Rain Man could count. Apparently the Dubai police have been feeling left out—because they’ve just added a Lamborghini Aventador to their fleet of cop cars!

This ain’t the first time a Lamborghini has been used as a ride for the 5-0—they’ve made a couple of Gallardos for the Italian police. Instead of being used to chase down speeders, though, those Italian P.D. Lamborghinis were used to transport emergency medical technicians to the scene of an accident as fast as possible—which is one need for speed we think everyone can justify. No word on just how Dubai’s po-po plan on using their Lamborghini, but we’re betting this Aventador will be used more for PR stunts and less for chasing down Ferraris and Bugattis. Which is sad, ’cause we’d love to see that. [Shout-out to Autoblog!]

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