Check Out How SRT’s Paint Shop Whips Up New Colors (w/Video)

It ain't as simple as you'd think.


The fact of the matter is, there’s nothing about creatin’ a new car these days that’s all that simple. Even the process of choosing what colors a ride will come in from the factory is a lengthy, involved process—and doubly so if you’re talking about a car that’s gonna draw a lot of attention. Like, say, one of Chrysler’s SRT models—your Viper, your Challenger 392, your Charger Super Bee.

But it’s not quite as simple as poppin’ down to Home Depot and grabbing a few color swatches. The SRT paint team goes through a mad amount of steps to turn their concepts for a car’s color into reality, creating sample shapes of all sizes in the new color—sometimes going as far as to paint, say, a Viper in that color to try it out. SRT has dropped a video about the process, and it’s a pretty cool little trip into part of the car world most of us rarely think about. Check it out below.

[Shout-out to DriveSRT on YouTube!]

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