Lamborghini Aventador Limo Must Never Be Allowed To Exist

This video is just too many kinds of wrong.


There are some cars that we don’t mind seein’ stretched out into limo form. A Lincoln Town Car, a Ford Expedition, even a Chrysler 300 ain’t so bad. But the Lamborghini Aventador limo must never, ever, be allowed to be.

The stretched-out Aventador you see here doesn’t exist yet—it’s just a concept—but potential builder Cars for Stars says it’s feasible if they can find a sponsor to, y’know, put up the half-million bucks to buy a new Lamborghini Aventador, and maybe front the cost of developing and executing the stretch job. Which must never, ever happen. The Lamborghini Aventador is a unique, stunning supercar designed for high speed blasting and low speed stunting. To chop it up and turn it into a champagne bar-equipped stretch limo would be a crime against cars everywhere.

Luckily, Cars for Stars is based out of Britain, so odds are good most of us will never have to see this poor monstrosity if it comes to pass. But if someone in London makes one, it’s only a matter of time before someone in L.A or Miami or New York follows suit. For the good of Lamborghinis everywhere…this must never be.

[Shout-out to WorldCarFans!]