Is This The New Range Rover Sport?

New pictures are blowin' up the Internet.

We know the new 2014 Land Rover Range Rover Sport will be droppin’ March 26th here in New York City, but these days, hot new cars often leak out online a few days before their scheduled release date. That said, we didn’t expect the new Range Rover Sport to hit the Internet quite so soon. Yet here it is—or what at least appears to be it.

Now, Land Rover isn’t talking about these pics, but based on the quality (and the fact that there’s a dude standing next to it in one image), we’re betting this is indeed the rig that will roll out in NYC in two weeks’ time. And if it is, we’re down with it. The ride pictured here has a nice blend of full-size Range Rover and Evoque looks, and if it comes outfitted with a 500+ horsepower supercharged V8, we bet it’ll crush a lot of cars at the stoplight. Now we’re even more excited for March 26th…[Shout-out to Car and Driver!]

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