12 O’Clock Boys

Watch this really dope video. Help 'em out on Kickstarter.


Remember our feature on the Wildout Wheelie Boyz? If not, take a quick minute to check it out. Looks like freestyle four-wheeling and dirt-biking is a growing trend in the streets of Baltimore. Yea, there are legal issues with the sport, but these kids are highly talented. Gotta have a higher level of skill to ride like the 12 O’Clock Boys do. Peep this video. It’s dope.

It takes a lot of practice and work to handle bikes and ATVs at high-speed like you see in the video. We found this organization making a film that documents what these kids do, and why. It’s on Kickstarter for everyone who wants to read what they’re about and maybe help ’em out financially. Check it out here.

The film will be screening at South By Southwest in Austin, Texas too. Check out dates and times on the SXSW website if you want to know more.

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