Yo Dawg, We Hear You Like Gray Design’s Xhibit G Car/Xhibitionist Yacht Duo

So we put a car in a yacht and named it Xhibit.

We do love a good Xzibit meme joke, so hey, when we heard the team at Grey Design had mocked up a car named the Xhibit G that goes inside a yacht called the Xhibitionist, how could we not put X To The Z’s mug at the top of this post?

Jokes aside, the Xhibitionist/Xhibit G combo seems like a pretty sick combo to rock—a 248-foot futuristic megayacht with an unfolding helipad/concert stage made of solar panels, with a matching 155 mph sports coupe powered by a 630 horsepower V12. Now granted, they’re just concepts for the moment, but we’re sure if you had, say, $100 million or so, you could have this pair made real without too much trouble. Anyone wanna jump on that?

[Shout-out to Gray Design!]

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