Rolls-Royce Now Offers Three Baller Options For The Flying Lady!

Pick up a hood ornament in silver, gold, or translucent.

If a car is defined (or at least announced) by its badge, then few cars stand out quite like a Rolls-Royce. The classic stainless steel “Flying Lady” that stands proud at the front of every Roller has been a tradition that defines the marquee for decades—but now it’s being joined by three new alternatives, each with their own appeal.

Classiest among the three new ones is the solid sterling silver version of the Flying Lady hood ornament; those looking for a flashier appearance will pick the new gold-plated version, while those who really want to make some waves can pick the illuminated translucent polycarbonate. The last option gives the look of an honest-to-God phantom or ghost on the hood of your Phantom or Ghost, which will probably look all kinds of dope once the sun sets. And hey, if you’re dropping $250K+ on a Rolls-Royce, what’s a few more bucks for something like that? [Shout-out to WorldCarFans!]