Hyundai Sneaks Us A Peek At Their New Concept Sedan

It's probably what the new Genesis will look like.

hyundai hcd-14 concept detroit auto show naias

As ya probably now, Hyundai has been cranking out top whips for quite a while now—starting with the Genesis sedan that dropped back in 2007. Well, it’s about time for a new Genesis (a re-Genesis?), and Hyundai is teasing what’s probably the concept car version of it. They’re calling it the HCD-14 Concept,which is a bulky name we don’t expect to see production—especially on a concept that looks this sleek.

Hyundai says the car will have “a sportier driving dynamic” and “advanced 3-D gesture-based technology controls,” which sounds like some seriously dope-ass Iron Man shit. While it’ll obviously be a little more extreme than the production car, expect the HCD-14 Concept to be a pretty decent look at Hyundai’s next big sedan. Expect to see the whole car at the Detroit Auto Show next Monday. [Shout-out to Hyundai!]