Cadillac C-Ville Concept Is One Badass Black Caddy!

Too bad it's just one designer's idea.

You know we like Cadillacs here at RIDES. Caddy has significantly upped their game in the last few years, cranking out one world-class luxury car after another. But while the XTS is one sleek ride and the new ATS is a damned fine sport sedan, apart from the CTS-V, the Cadillac line could use a bit more…let’s call it badassitude. And badassitude is something the C-Ville Concept pictured here has by the ton.

Designed by Samir Sadikov, the C-Ville concept serves as heir to the long line of Seville sedans Cadillac has produced over the years, but giving it an edgy, modern twist in line with Cadillac’s current Art & Science design “language.” We wouldn’t mind seeing something like this serve as Cadillac’s long-rumored full-size flagship sedan…especially with a nice big V8 motor under the hood. [Shout-out to Samir Sadikhova!]

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