BMW Concept 4 Series Coupe Is The Next 3 Series Coupe

Hope ya don't mind the name change.

The next-generation of BMW’s 3 Series Coupe made its world debut at the Detroit Auto Show today—but you won’t find it wearing a 3 Series badge. No, the two-door 3 will go by the 4 Series name when it reaches showrooms, probably later this year. Not a lot of information on the 4 has hit the streets yet, but the change, as BMW puts it, adds more in the way, “of aesthetics, dynamics and elegance.” All of which are immediately noticeable as the 4 Series comes in longer, wider and shorter than it’s predecessor contributing to the new design aesthetic BMW was hoping to achieve. From the looks of the 4 Series it appears to not be lacking in style, but we can only hope its function follows form in the coming year.

[Shout out to BMW and BMW!]

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