Bentley Mulsanne Becomes More Bougie!

New luxury features for the top level Bentley.

We’re big fans of the Bentley Mulsanne around these parts. It’s huge, it’s powerful, it’s as luxurious as a whip gets—all things we love. But even in the $300,000 luxury sedan market, you can’t afford to stand still long—so Bentley’s bringing out some updates that’ll make the Mulsanne even more of a baller’s whip.

Bentley buyers can now choose the Comfort or Entertainment packages to make sittin’ in the Mulsanne even more like being back in your mansion. The Comfort Specification adds new super-soft headrests that can fold out to cradle your head, new footrests hidden under the front seats when not in use, and seat cushions filled with fine duck down (’cause regular leather seats are for the barely-rich); the Entertainment Specification, meanwhile, adds rear-seat picnic tables with a space for a concealed iPad (and wireless keyboard) that is charged by the car and can connect to the Internet through the Mulsanne’s built-in WiFi, along with two eight-inch LCD head rest screens connected to a DVD player and a 20-gig hard drive, and a Naim stereo system.

Bentley’s also adding new power-operated rear window curtains as an option, for those times when you need a little extra privacy, along with three new exterior colors with fancy names (Dark Cashmere, Portofino and Damson) and three new interior leather colors with equally fancy names (Damson, Saffron and Brunel). Oh, and you can now pick up a set of fitted luggage made just for the Mulsanne, too. We’ll take one Mulsanne with everything, please. [Shout-out to Bentley!]

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