Rolls-Royce Ghost Gets Kitted Out By Wald

Japan's Wald International dresses up a British beauty.

When two of the biggest names in cars come together it’s hard not to imagine greatness, think Jay-Z and Kanye, but two giants working together doesn’t always end smoothly, think Jay-Z and R. Kelly. Despite delusions of grander one is left feeling more like their eyes were maced when they cop a look at the front end of this Wald creation. While the back maintains the smooth lines of the Ghost the front adds ridged angles and flares that conjures up Transformer sounds in your head just by looking at it. Though not the best look on a Ghost, to each his own, but for nearly $20,000 a more fluid look from front to back would have gone a long way.

[Shout-out to Carscoop!]

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