DiFalco Retractable Headlight LED Mesh Grille by Forgiato

The new Forgiato Grille, DiFalco, retails for $3,999.00 and can be purchased at CarID or at any local Forgiato retail shops. Peep this dope ass video!

This all-new grille by Forgiato is built to make any Camaro stand out from the rest. It is designed with a Motorized Retractable Hidden Headlight System which gives the driver the option of using the ultra bright LED daytime running lights and turn signals, or switch to the factory headlights by hiding the lashes instantly. More options produces more personality and soul for any 2012-2013 ‘Maro. The DiFalco grille can transform your whip at the push of a button. Peep it.

[Shout-out to DiFalco by Forgiato!]

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