Chevrolet El Camino May Make A Comeback!

V8 muscle, car size, pickup truck bed. What ain't to love?

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If you happen to be a fan of Chevy’s now-classic pickup-bed-equipped car,. the El Camino, it’s been a tough few decades for ya—Chevrolet pulled the El Camino out of production back in 1977. They’ve tried once or twice to bring it back since then, but every time, the efforts fell flat. Well, now it looks like GM is gearin’ up for another go at reviving the El Camino—with some help from their Australian division, Holden.

See, down in Australia, cars with pickup beds are all kinds of hot—they call ’em “utes” down there. GM’s Holden has made a RWD, V6- and V8-powered ute version of their Commodore for decades now, and with Chevrolet and Holden sharing more and more hardware—the Camaro runs on a modified version of the current Commodore’s platform, and the next Commodore will be very similar under the skin to Chevy’s upcoming SS sedan—bringing the ute over as an El Camino might just work.

But the only evidence we have so far is the fact that Chevrolet renewed the El Camino copyright back in August, which doesn’t prove anything in and of itself. Still, that ain’t stopping one Australian newspaper from declaring the El Camino’s return “almost certain.” We wish we shared their faith, but we’ll settle for hope at this point! [Shout-out to Adelaide Now!]

Pictured: Australia’s 2007 Holden HSV Maloo R8 ute