What Do You Think Of This Chevy Camaro Concept?

It ain't Chevy-approved, but that don't mean it lacks potential.

Despite how hot the current model is on the streets, sooner or later, Chevrolet’s gonna have to redesign the Camaro. It’s just the way the world works. And as with any icon, there’s gonna be a lot of pressure on the design team to make something that lives up to the reputation of the outgoing car (and all the ‘Maros that came before it). GM keeps their designers’ work under lock and key, so we have no idea what sort of early designs they may already be working on. But they could do a lot worse than designer Arkadiy Okhman’s 2015 Camaro design concept.

Now of course, a lot of the details of Okhman’s Camaro are larger-than-lifeā€”ain’t no real car ever gonna roll off the factory line with stock rims that big and a greenhouse that small. But that’s how car designs always start; click through to the last slide in the photo gallery, and you’ll see the difference between the original 2010 Camaro design drawings and the finished product. This 2015 Camaro concept is undeniably Chevy and undeniably mean. We wouldn’t mind seeing it as the next face of Camaro. But let us know what you think. [Shout-out to CarScoop!]

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