The Game Evaluates JC’s Customs Work on His Porsche Panamera

JC's Customs of Bellflower, California only had two days to completely swag-out The Game's new Porsche Panamera into a Candy Red whip.

How do you turn a natural fruit into a candy apple? You dip it into some drippin’ wet, red candy and let it dry. Well, JC’s Customs of Bellflower, California took this concept to get their whip game proper (as usual) when The Game dropped his Porsche Panamera off at their shop on a Friday. The JC Customs crew took The Game’s four-door Porsche and dipped it into some fresh Candy Red paint, and let that whip dry. Sunday morning, the candy apple was ready for pickin’. Ready for The Game to pick it up from the shop, that is. Here is a behind-the-scenes look into the work done in a matter of two days.

The Game approves of this fine work, and so do we.

Check out the video and the images!

[Shout-out to JC’s Customs of Bellflower, California!]

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