Swagger-Jacked? New 2013 Ford Fusion Gets An Aston Martin Facelift

Can you really get the $190k look for $170k less?

Story: Evan “Evo” Yates

Reminiscent of the ’08 Hyundai Genesis and its striking resemblance to the Mercedes Benz S-Class, or even the ’05 Chrysler 300‘s mild Bentley Continental styling swindle, those who have Dom Perignon taste in cars but Bud Light funds in the bank are in luck with the 2013 Ford Fusion.

During the past few weeks we’ve been bombarded by commercials for the new Fusion and couldn’t help but notice the flagrant fascia fraud of it’s former family member, the Aston Martin, more specifically the DB9. Let’s keep it real, do you think Rozay would ever make a second version of Aston Martin Music if millions of new Fusions are roaming the streets, watering-down the appeal?

It should be noted that Ford owned Aston Martin until 2007 and even has shares in the company to this day so it could be easily proved that Ford has rights to borrow styling cues across platforms. But the question still remains, does that make it right? What do you think? Are new Ford Fusion owners fakin’ the funk or did they come up on the new hotness? Let us know below.

[Select images from The Smoking Tire]

2 Responses to “Swagger-Jacked? New 2013 Ford Fusion Gets An Aston Martin Facelift”

  1. vtphotog

    Never saw a more unseemly combination of styles since spying the cross-dressed ford and thinking for an instant that a new aston martin had appeared. Now it turns my stomach to see them everywhere. Blatant rip-off, legal or not.

  2. kwelch42

    I don’t think the big auto manufactures have an original idea between them. They either rip off a style from another company or make grotesque styling moves like sticking what looks like a kabuki mask on the front. (Toyota’s 4Runner front end looks like a Cylon helmet from Battlestar Galactica.) I remember when you could tell what a car was by the styling queues of the designers. Now it’s just a blur and nothing is unique. Everything has fallen into mediocrity and the public just keeps buying into it. The Detroit 3 have even had to dip into the past and resurrect old design models to attract interest. (Camaro, Mustang, Challenger.) It’s like Hollywood and all the movie remakes, no original ideas. Sad it see we have lost our creativity


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