New C7 Corvette Shows Up On YouTube, In Gran Turismo 5

Sneak peeks at America's next top sports car contender.

Right now, the 2013 SRT Viper we just drove can confidently claim to be America’s top home-grown sports car. But come January 13th, it’s gonna face some stiff competition in the form of the C7 Corvette—the next-generation of Chevrolet’s iconic sports car. Rather than let us be distracted by other sports cars debuting between here and then, Chevrolet has been dropping teasers and hints about the C7 Corvette here and there recently to keep our excitement stoked. Mission accomplished.

For example, as a special treat, Chevrolet has teamed up with Gran Turismo 5 to release the C7 Corvette as a playable car in the videogame—the only catch being that the ‘Vette is still covered in camouflage. Chevrolet claims that the car in the game does share driving characteristics with the actual prototype, so hauling ass around a digital track in it should make for a decent simulation of being an actual GM test driver…as well as be a decent substitute for driving the actual car until you can try your hand at that next year.

But while Chevy will only show us camouflaged full-body shots of the new Corvette, they are giving us sneak peeks at bits and pieces of the undisguised car on YouTube. They’ve released two videos so far—one showing off the car’s aerodynamics, the other featuring the car’s calibration—including a look at the new digital gauges it’ll feature. Check ’em both out below, then let us know what you think of the new Corvette so far.

[Shout-out to GM, YouTube!]