Nelson Racing Builds An Old-School Camaro with 2,000 HP!

Can you say burnouts?

We at RIDES are big fans of slapping powerful engines under the hood of clean old-schools, so when we heard that Nelson Racing Engines—along with eGarage and Roadster Shop—had jammed a 2,000 horsepower motor under the hood of a 1969 Chevy Camaro, well, we had to learn more. There’s no way all that power is usable, but damn if the thought of it doesn’t send a shiver up our spines.

The heart of this monster is, of course, the motor. Under the hood lies a Chevy 572 big block crate motor, with a pair of NRE Billet Blackout Series turbochargers mounted to it. One speed would probably be enough with that kind of power, but the NRE demon goes with a six-speed transmission instead, along with a twin 10.5-inch dual disc clutch. That earth-shaking power output heads to the ground through Strange 9-inch rear with nodular case and 35 spline axles and a set of 18″ HRE rims clad in 345/35/18 drag radials in the rear.

It’s not all go and no show, however. The 2,000 horsepower Camaro also comes with custom low-back leather seats, a stainless Nelson Racing exhaust with x-pipe, and a 1,000 watt system in case the exhaust note gets old. All told, this whip combines old-school looks with the ability to run with supercars from a rolling start, and that ain’t too shabby. [Shout-out to Nelson Racing Engines and WorldCarFans!]

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